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What happens after admission?

There are some steps you need to take after admission to make sure you complete your application in time and do not miss out on any of our essential student services. Below you will find an overview of the necessary steps.

Please note: Different deadlines apply to the BSc Psychology programme. Check the website for programmes with a Numerus Fixus for more information. The information below is for Bachelor's students, information for Master's students can be found here.

Deadlines and timelines for students who need a study visa, residence permit or university housing.

Check if you need a study visa.

  1. Accept your offer in VUnet: Confirm your participation in VUnet before July 1st in order to apply for a visa and/or housing.
  2. Complete admission: Make sure to meet all admission requirements before August 31st. Please note that students who need a study visa will need to meet the English language requirement before July 1st.
  3. Finalise enrollment: Finalise your enrollment by paying the tuition fee before September 1st.

Deadlines and timelines for students who do not need a study visa/residence permit or university housing.

  1. Accept your offer in VUnet: Confirm your participation in VUnet as soon as possible as it will help us to know if you are planning to join us!
  2. Complete admission: Make sure to meet all admission requirements before August 31st.
  3. Finalise enrollment: Finalise your enrollment by paying the tuition fee before September 1st.


Contact your International Student Advisor if you are applying for one of our English-taught degree programmes. Your International Student Advisor can help you with any questions you have about the programme, admission requirements, application procedure or practical matters related to being an international student studying at VU Amsterdam.

Are you applying for one of our Dutch programmes with a non-Dutch diploma? Then you can contact our Student Desk if you have any questions.

  • Step 1: Accept your offer and apply for student services

    If you are informed that you received an offer from our university, congratulations! There are three types of offers:

    1. Conditional offer Applicants who still need to fulfil one or more of the admission requirements receive a conditional offer. In order to be fully admitted and receive an unconditional offer, you will have to meet the conditions for admission before the deadline stated in your offer letter. For example: you receive a conditional offer which states that you still need to submit an English proficiency test with a sufficient passing score. Once you have successfully achieved the required results, you can contact your International Student Advisor. Your International Student Advisor will verify your scores and change your admission status accordingly.
    2. Provisional offer Once you have fulfilled all the entry requirements of your chosen study programme you will be provisionally admitted. You will be unconditionally admitted once you have handed in the certified paper copy of your diploma.
    3. Unconditional offer You have met all the admission requirements and provided the student administration department with a certified paper copy of your diploma. To finalise your enrollment, the only thing left to arrange is the payment of the tuition fee. 

    Confirm your participation and apply for student services
    Once you have been admitted you can confirm your participation in VUnet. This will enable you to apply for housing- and/or visa services. Note that if you have a deficiency you can only apply for our services after you have eliminated this by passing your entrance exam.

    Deferring your offer

    If for any reason you are unable to start in the academic year that you have applied for, you may be able to defer this offer of admission to the following academic year. In that case, you can withdraw your current application and reapply from October 1st onwards for the next year. Your application fee is valid for 2 years, which means you do not need to pay it again when you reapply next year.

  • Step 2: Complete your admission

    In most cases, you will still need to send documents to complete your application. This could be a certified paper copy of your diploma, the results of your English proficiency test and/or other specific test results such as the result of your Mathematics entry exam.

    Unless stated differently in your admission letter, you can send your documents by post to:

    Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
    Student Administration
    De Boelelaan 1105
    1081 HV Amsterdam
    The Netherlands

    The deadline is on the 31st of August. We prefer to receive your documents before August 1st to be able to prepare your enrollment in time.

    Certified copy of your diploma

    A certified copy means that the copy of the actual diploma needs to bear an original stamp and signature of an authorised person or institution or an employee of your high school or university. The stamp and signature indicate that it is a genuine copy of the actual diploma.

    Please note that only the original of the certified copy is accepted – we will not accept scans or copies because their authenticity cannot be verified.

    If your diploma is not issued in English, German, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese or Latin, please also submit an English translation by a sworn translator.

    What if you are not able to get a certified copy?
    The Student Desk of Vrije Universiteit can also verify a (photo)copy of the actual diploma. Please bring the photocopy as well as the actual diploma as you visit the Student Desk.

    If you have met all the requirements to graduate but are still waiting for the diploma certificate to be issued (for example, in the case of GCE A-levels), alternatively you can ask your school to provide a statement of graduation. This statement needs to state that you have met all the requirements to graduate before the 1st of September. Furthermore, it needs an original signature from a headteacher, head of department or principal, date and school stamp. The Student Administration reserves the right to reject such a statement if the document does not meet our criteria.

    English proficiency test results

    Once you have received your English proficiency test results, you can either send this to us by postal mail (addressed to the International Office), or you can send an email with the digital score report. Please contact your International Student Advisor once you have received a sufficient score.

    Please note: If you need to apply for a study visa, make sure to send all the required documents to the International Office before July 1st.

    Mathematics and other subjects

    If your conditional offer states you need to submit other specific test results, such as a Mathematics exam, you will need to send a certified copy of the original exam certificate to the International Office by postal mail. If you received an email with your results from the test centre, please forward this email to your International Student Advisor.

    Matching activity

    Completing the matching activity (not to be confused with the matching questionnaire) is compulsory for some programmes. For other programmes, this step is optional but highly recommended. If completion of the matching activity is mentioned in your admission letter, please make sure to participate in this activity in Canvas. Note that invitations for matching will be sent out around springtime, so it won’t be possible to access the activity before this time. More information can be found on our VU matching webpage and on the webpage of your programme.

  • Step 3: Arrange practical matters during the Arrival Days

    The Arrival Days will take place mid-August. During the Arrival Days in August, the International Office will help you to arrange practical matters such as picking up the keys to your room, opening a Dutch bank account, picking up your residence permit and registering at the municipality. This is also a chance to meet your fellow students for the first time.

    If you have any questions when you are at the university before or after the Arrival Days, you can visit the International Service Desk.

  • Step 4: Finalise your enrollment

    Once you have fulfilled all the admission requirements, the last step for enrollment is the payment of the tuition fee.

    You will receive a message from Studielink once you finalise your enrollment and your student registration is complete. Only after having received this message, you will know you have met all the requirements for enrollment. Your status in Studielink will change to 'enrolled'. The deadline for full enrollment is the 31st of August. If you are not yet enrolled and you have questions about your enrollment status, please contact your International Student Advisor.

    During the arrival days you will receive:

    • A declaration of registration
    • A student card (if you have uploaded a jpeg. document of your passport format photo on VUnet under Home/My Study Administration)


For questions please contact the International Office

Send your questions to