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Events for students

Here you’ll find ideas and initiatives for staying in touch with your fellow students and making new connections.

The coronavirus pandemic turned everything upside-down. From one day to the next, your lives changed dramatically as social distancing became the new norm. We are aware that many of you have found the isolation tough at times, missing out on your daily routines and not being able to see each other on campus. That is why we launched this web page with an overview of ideas and initiatives for staying in touch with each other. You are welcome to join!

Online events

  • Lockdown challenge Sports centre - Starts 13 January

    VU Sports Center offers you the chance to get through the lockdown fitter and healthier than before. Do you want a healthy (er) weight, a better condition, more energy and feel stronger? Or are you just looking for something to get through the lockdown, so that you are gym ready to hit the VU Sports Center again? From Wednesday, January 13, you can work on your fitness goals for 28 days through our programme.

    This means: every day of the week you plan sports and exercise in your agenda, so that you can do it next to work, study or watching Netflix 😉. For more information, see the website.

  • NEWConnective Online workshop series ‘This is me! Is it?’ - Starts 22 January

    ‘Am I who I think I am?’ is the first in the series ‘This is me! Is it?’ workshops in which students are invited to explore and question your images about yourself.

    In these workshops you get to do exercises and reflections, alone and in small groups, and share your insights with other participants. You will receive the first chapters from the workbook that NEWConnective compiled especially for you as a guide in your personal development.  After this first workshop you can get some exercises to work on at home. The date of the next workshops will be launched soon.

    You will be surprised how much more there is to know about yourself!

    • Where: ZOOM
    • Date: 22 January
    • Time: 2.00pm – 4.00pm
    • Price: € 3,50 per workshop
    • Ticket: Get your ticket here
  • VU Pride talkS! - 15 February

    VU Pride TalkS! hosts peer group meetings that discuss different topics and issues we face within our LGBTQIA+-community in a safe, inclusive and diverse environment.  On 15 February we will talk about “Bi+ erasure”.

    Registration is possible via this URL.

  • Workshop Study wise - 10 February/29 March/16 April/18 May/11 June

    Fed up with procrastinating? Make the change today and get things done! When struggling with studying, or experiencing a lot of stress, some students tend to procrastinate and keep themselves busy by finding other ways to spend their time. This process may start a vicious circle of searching for a distraction, feelings of guilt, loss of time and stress.

    In this two-hour workshop (which is organised on several dates) we will give you information and exercises which will help you better understand your procrastinating behavior and will help you start getting things done. At the end of the workshop, you’ll receive a booklet of suggestions and tools which may help you to improve your concentration, make a schedule and keep to it. This workshop is an introduction to our Back on Track study group which you are also welcome to join. 

    More information and registration via this link.

  • Coffee & Meaning with NEWConnective - Every Wednesday

    On Wednesday mornings you can get a good conversation during Coffee & Meaning. Unfortunately for now, you will have to bring your own coffee, because Coffee & Meaning will be held online until the end of January. After that we hope to welcome you back on campus and meet you face-to-face in the 3D centre.

    So if you’re looking for a chat or a stimulating conversation Coffee & Meaning is just the thing for you: Relax, get inspired, and get connected!

    Coffee & Meaning  is offered to you from 6 January every Wednesday morning between 12.00 and 1.30pm.

    Meeting ID: 931 4508 9738
    Passcode: 837936

  • Sessions on life with NEWConnective - Weekly

    Every week you can check in the NEWConnective Youtube channel for an interesting and in-depth conversation about meaning and the existential questions of life.

    You can join the conversations via a live chat or ask your questions via the comments.

    Expect a wonderful series of inspiring stories that can offer great insights and inspiration.

    You can watch the first episode about hope in times of darkness (in Dutch) here:

Events on the main campus

  • Study places in the main building

    There are a limited number of study places available in the VU Main Building for students who, for whatever reason, are unable to study from home. If you can study at home, then please do so and don't come to VU Amsterdam. We assume that you make a careful assessment yourself and only use these places if there are insurmountable obstacles in your private environment. The study places are available for individual study only, so not for group work. Available spots can be checked here:

  • Artist Franck Bragigand at the VU

    As part of the STEAM + project, the French artist Franck Bragigand is working at VU as an artist in residence for the upcoming months.

    STEAM + is the initiative of beta scientist Heather Leslie and it’s a unique art / science project in which Bragigand seeks collaboration with students and scientists at the VU. Bragigand would like to talk to researchers, students and interested parties from his studio in reading room 2B in the main building. With the aim of creating an interaction between science and art by approaching research problems in a more creative and free way. An extraordinary cross-fertilization that benefits both the artist and VU scientists and students.

    A small exhibition of Bragigand's work has been set up on the ground floor of the main building, opposite the student desk. He also exhibits work in the 2B reading room.

    Read more about STEAM + and how you can get in touch with Frank Bragigand via this link.

Events at Uilenstede or in the city centre

  • Get a book for free!

    With the lockdown still in effect, VU Amsterdam would like to help tide you over until the darker days are behind us. For this reason, we offer you, international Uilenstede residents a free book!

    Because of Covid regulations and the main Campus being mostly closed, we cannot distribute the books from a central point, and therefore the RAs will bring the books to your doorstep. In order to make this happen, we would like to ask you to sign up using this form.

    You can also find some more information on the specific titles there. Please note we have a limited number of books available - the first 300 students to sign up will have a book! In addition, please login with your VUnet ID to access the form. This is a precautionary measure so that only VU students can sign up to receive a book.

    Note: You can login to your VUNet ID by clicking this link. Then click on "Add account", enter your VUNet email and password. Voilà, you can now access the Google Form!

  • Walk in Silence - 11 February & 2 March

    Did you know? Walking is healthier than an intensive workout, for both your body ánd mind! Moreover: walking with others produces a sense of connection and makes you feel happy. So join NEWConnective on one of their- inspirational silent walks through the beautiful city of Amsterdam. We start our walk with some ‘food for thought’ to think over while walking, with questions like: What do I miss most these days? How does silence affect my sense of well-being?

    So join us on our Walk in Silence and you will feel inspired and recharged afterwards.

    The Silent Walk is organized on Thursday February 11 starting from Il Caffe Uilenstede or Tuesday and Tuesday March 2 starting at the Nieuwe Herengracht  18 in the city centre. 

    If you want to join, check