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How do I switch to another study programme?

Have you started the wrong study programme and are you thinking about switching? VU Amsterdam is happy to guide you in the transition to another study programme.

# 1 Create a study switch action plan

With the VU study choice action plan, you can get a clear idea of why you don’t want to continue with your current study programme. Which factors have influenced your decision? The plan helps you to create an overview of your current strengths, wishes and interests. It is important to take these things into account when choosing a new study programme.

Set up the study choice action plan using the following six steps:

  1. Gaining insights
    Fill out the questionnaire Reasons for switching study programmes (document is in Dutch)
  2. Discover competences and skills
    Find out what you are good at or identify needs and interests through self-assessment (document is in Dutch). Also, ask others who know you well how they see these things.
  3. Recognise your weaknesses
    When choosing a new study programme, it is good to realise what your personal weaknesses are. Take a look at the most common weaknesses (document is in Dutch). How do you prevent these from getting in your way in the future?
  4. Define the ideal study programme
    Keep in mind that the perfect programme does not exist, but it does help to put on paper what criteria you think a suitable programme should meet (document is in Dutch)
  5. Create a top-three list
    Based on the most important characteristics that you have identified in step four, make a top-three list of study programmes that appeal to you. Take a look at our list of Bachelor’s programmes and Master's programmes and determine which ones fit well with your personal preferences (document is in Dutch).
  6. Make an action plan
    Finally, identify your next steps with an action plan (document is in Dutch). What information do you need? Who would you still like to talk to? And what actions do you need to take?

# 2 Sign up for a VU Taster Day or Student for a Day (only for Bachelor's students)

For example, one of the steps in your study choice action plan can be ‘Participate in a Taster Day or Student for a Day’. During a Taster Day, you will explore the programme with other prospective students. As a Student for a Day, you will follow along with a current student on campus. This will not only give you a more complete picture of the study programme, but it will also provide a general impression of the teachers and students. If you are deciding between two programmes, you could participate in a Taster Day or Student for a Day for both programmes.

# 3 Participate in VU Matching (only for Bachelor's students)

If you register on time for your study programme, you are entitled to a check and a personal recommendation regarding your programme choice through VU Matching. For most programmes, the matching activity is even compulsory because it is important for you as well as for the university to know that you are a good match with the programme of your choice.

# 4 Register and deregister via Studielink

After careful consideration, have you made your final decision about a study programme? Register and deregister via Studielink before 1 September. For more information about application and admission, take a look at the step-by-step plan.

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