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Big Data for Society

Use big data to tackle society’s biggest challenges

How do communities bounce back after tragic events like the COVID-19 pandemic? What role do social media play in political polarisation? How can analysing data help us find solutions? And what are the ethical concerns in mining data?

These are big questions that require big answers. The two-year Societal Resilience Research Master’s programme identifies, investigates and develops solutions for broad social challenges, using qualitative and quantitative methods to analyse data, both big and small.

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Societal Resilience is a truly multi-disciplinary and multi-methodological approach to society’s most pressing challenges. And for that reason, it will appeal to students from a wide range of backgrounds.

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  • The visit focused on the 510 Project, which uses data to improve humanitarian aid. Through examples like predicting impacts of floods, our students worked with Red Cross employees to identify research projects on societal resilience, focusing on the social and incorporating the technical. Seeing the practical, humanitarian uses of their research was a very insightful and motivating experience.

    Research Master’s students visited the Red Cross in The Hague

    Our Research Master’s students visited the Red Cross in The Hague, to discover links between Red Cross initiatives and the Master’s curriculum.
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