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Tackle today’s sustainability challenges

Work on the sustainability challenges of our time

If you want to work towards finding solutions for societal problems related to natural resource depletion and environmental change, then this is the Master’s programme for you.

The Environment and Resource Management (ERM) Master’s trains you to become part of the next generation of environmental leaders who work on the sustainability challenges of our time. From the role of climate change in migration, to the impact of food supply on the environment, to analysing the transition to sustainable energy systems. You will start on the path to becoming an interdisciplinary environmental expert who is skilled in developing effective solutions for a more sustainable world.

Discover your Environment and Resource Management programme

Discover your Environment and Resource Management programme

During this programme, you’ll become familiar with several key Environmental Sciences and Resource Management disciplines and learn to integrate different bodies of knowledge in a solution-oriented way.

The specialisations cover some of the most fundamental environmental problems of our time, notably the provision of sustainable energy and the sustainable governance of water, climate, food systems and ecosystems. You can determine your own focus.

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Change your world, study Environment and Resource Management

  • Watch videos in which ERM lecturers provide a brief introduction to their field of expertise, which plays an important role in the curriculum. 

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    ERM introduction videos

  • “We help customers go solar.”

    Lisa Freudenthaler, Project Manager Business Development, works at Sungevity - a marketing and sales platform for solar panels. They help customers go solar and make a transition to renewable energy. Lisa studied Environment and Resource Management at VU Amsterdam.