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Discover the fundamental role of language in health communication

With a Master’s degree in Communication and Information Studies: Dialogue, Health and Society, you will demonstrate that you know how to analyse real-life interactions in a theoretically sound way.

You will also possess the knowledge of and skills for translating these insights to the health domain and designing, monitoring, and evaluating dialogue practices in this area. Additionally, you will be able to critically reflect on dialogue theory and practice and put them in a broader societal perspective. 

Upon graduation, you will have unique knowledge of how and to what purposes professionals and clients, patients and citizens act in the context of real-life conversations about health, and how to facilitate and support these interactions

What can you do after your Master's degree?

Entering the job market

After you obtained your master's degree in Communication and Information Studies: Dialogue, Health and Society, you can work at health institutes such as the Dutch RIVM, Ministries of Health, pharmaceutical industry, hospitals, hospices, addiction care, heart or cancer foundations, patient organisations, international NGOs and the WHO. There is a great demand for academically trained dialogue or conversation specialists in the health area, in their role of:

  • consultant
  • researcher
  • facilitator
  • policy maker
  • mediation expert
  • patient educator
  • social media editor
  • webcare manager
  • lecturer in higher professional education