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Explore the intricacies of brain and cognition

How do you look for a friend in a crowd? How do you study while listening to a song of your favorite band? What is your brain actually doing when you are engaged in such activities? And what happens when the brain is damaged, such as in the case of dementia?

This two-year Research Master’s programme operates on the cutting edge between cognitive psychology and clinical neuropsychology. While cognitive psychology is geared towards general theories of human functioning, clinical neuropsychology focusses on individual patients with brain damage. Understanding their condition can often provide new insights into how the human brain works.

Combining these two approaches into one Research Master’s programme is unique in the Netherlands.

Discover your Cognitive Neuropsychology Research Master's programme

Discover your Cognitive Neuropsychology Research Master's programme

In this internationally orientated research master you’ll learn how to understand neuropsychological functioning during health and disorder. Its main goal is to give you the skills and knowledge you need to become a professional researcher within the area of cognitive neuropsychology. 

You’ll take multiple courses in cognitive psychology, clinical neuropsychology, and neuroscience. You will also follow courses that teach you general academic skills concerning methodology. You will sharpen your writing ability and learn about modern brain imaging techniques.

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