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Business Administration: Duisenberg Honours Programme in Corporate Finance

This broad, multi-disciplinary programme approaches today’s world of financial management from various angles.

On the one hand, the programme pays attention to classical corporate finance questions like capital allocation and corporate valuation. But the programme also offers new topics in the field of financial management such as corporate social responsibility and sustainable finance. The programme provides in-depth knowledge on this wide range of topics. This leads to a demanding programme with a study load of 84 EC in one year. Therefore, this programme is perfectly suited for ambitious students with a particular interest in the area of Corporate Finance.

About Wim Duisenberg
Wim Duisenberg was a Dutch politician who served as the first President of the European Central Bank from 1998 to 2003. Because of his pivotal role in the financial sector, this challenging Honours programme has been named after him.

To break it down:

  • You’ll take seven mandatory courses that together cover corporate finance, accounting and financial markets. A couple of highlights:
    • Advanced Corporate Financial Management – The course covers an in-depth academic treatment of the latest advances in the area of Corporate Finance. The course builds on classic and recent academic publications in Corporate Financial Management.
    • Corporate Social Responsibility and Governance – The course treats a new and hot topic in corporate decision making: corporate social responsibility. Companies are increasingly confronted with the societal impact of their decisions and day-to-day business activities. The course examines the latest academic findings on the topic (including Sustainable Finance) and places those in a practical and realistic context.
  • You’ll take at least three electives.
  • You’ll also conduct a research project that will give you the academic preparation to write your Master’s thesis.
  • Throughout the programme, you’ll focus on ethics in the financial industry, preparation for the labour market, and self-development.

The start date of this programme is September 1st.

The MSc programme

The programme covers courses from the Financial Management, Finance, and Accounting & Control programmes. This results in a programme that includes all relevant topics from the Financial Management profession with a particular focus on Corporate Finance. You’ll also participate in career services workshops and self-reflection exercises that will help you enter the world of work ready to hit the ground running.

Change your future with the Duisenberg Honours Programme in Corporate Finance

Change your future with the Duisenberg Honours Programme in Corporate Finance

On completing this programme, you will be able to bridge the gap between academic concepts and real life practice. As a graduate, you have developed an academic attitude and are able to combine this attitude with professional insight. You will start your career in finance as an academic professional with insights in today’s world of financial management.

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