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Hybrid intelligence: where AI systems and humans meet

How can humans and AI technology both complement and collaborate with each other?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is widely used in our society: from cars that detect pedestrians to our smart phones’ virtual assistants. These applications use AI techniques to interpret information from a wide variety of sources, and in turn to enable intelligent, goal-directed behaviour.

The Artificial Intelligence Master’s programme at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam looks specifically at hybrid intelligence, where AI systems and humans collaborate. The first year is made up of broad courses that focus on core AI topics, while the second year is devoted to your chosen area of specialisation. 

In collaboration with Psychology department, we also offer the specialised Cognitive Science track. 

Discover your Artificial Intelligence programme

Discover your Artificial Intelligence programme

The Artificial Intelligence Master’s programme at VU Amsterdam gives you the opportunity to approach AI not only from a technical perspective – focusing on the understanding, analysis and development of novel AI algorithms – but also from a societal and human perspective. 

Are you fascinated by the human and social implications of AI, as well as the technical side? Then join us at the VU.

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Human shows apple to robot
  • Playing with a robot in the hospital

    In a hospital you are usually helped by a doctor or nurse, but in more and more hospitals you can now also expect a robot.For example, one that will entertain you in the waiting room or one that will teach you everything about an illness. Doctors want to make a visit to the hospital less annoying. Professor AI Koen Hindriks, has led a project with children and robots in the Prinses Maxima Center.
    Watch the video (in Dutch)