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Decipher truth and reality


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What do we really know? Does the world really work the way we think it does? In what does just differ from unjust? 

During your Bachelor of Philosophy study, you will learn to inquire into reality by asking fundamental questions on topical themes. You will develop a critical perspective on science, religion, and society.

You can follow the Bachelor of Philosophy in either English or Dutch. If this is your second study programme, you can opt for the abbreviated version.

Discover your Philosophy study programme

Discover your Philosophy study programme

During the Bachelor of Philosophy programme at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, you will study relevant social issues from a theoretical, historical, and practical philosophical perspective.

Together with fellow students, you will learn to condense complex problems to the core issues. You will hone your understanding and practise fashioning reasoned arguments, preparing you to contribute to solving problems facing today's society.

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Change your world, study Philosophy

  • “In the philosophy bachelor, we deal with the big questions of life. What is knowledge? What is existence? What is reality? We are encouraged to think outside of the box, and I think that is one of the greatest strengths of our study: we are taught to think for ourselves, rather than being taught a specific way of thinking. Sure, there are rules, but we also have quite some ‘wiggle space’.”

    “I came to feel at home at the VU very fast. Our small group of Philosophy students grew strong friendships. I feel safe to express my opinion, and that is very important in this study. We debate a lot and learn from each other and our different points of view." 

    Read all about Laura's experiences at VU. 

    Sure, there are rules, but we also have quite some 'wiggle space’

    Laura, 2nd Year Philosophy