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Selection procedure for a degree programme that uses a selection procedure - Numerus Fixus

After 15 January, the application deadline for a Bachelor's degree programme that uses a selection procedure (Numerus Fixus), you will receive an invitation to take part in the selection procedure for the degree programme or programmes.

The selection takes place between 16 January and 14 April. The programme board bases the selection on criteria including the marks you were awarded before 15 January and the results of / marks awarded for the selection activities such as exams and tests. 

Bear in mind that this will take up some of your time: Participating, for example, in two selection procedures will impose an extra load on you alongside your existing school obligations.

Selection procedure

-  You will be invited, between 16 January and 14 April, to take part in the selection procedure for the degree programme or procedures of your choice.
- You will receive your ranking number through Studielink on 15 April. When this entitles you to a place you will have two weeks to accept the place.
- Places that are not accepted or are accepted too late will become available to the candidate with the next lowest ranking number.
- You can only actually be enrolled once you have met all the previous education requirements by no later than 15 July. This includes sending in a certified copy of your diploma and, if applicable, English language or other types of test results. If you can’t make the July 15th deadline, you can request an extension through our Student Desk.

Some students will be offered a place immediately after the ranking numbers have been made available. An indication of the position of your ranking number and your chances of being offered a place after the initial placing of April 15th is shown in the table below.

The document below shows an overview of how many students have received or accepted a ranking number in 2020-2021. The fourth column illustrates how many students have been placed eventually in 2019-2020.

ProgrammeNumber of places availableCurrent highest offered or accepted ranking numberHigest ranking number of placement in 2019
Criminologie (NL) 130188191
Geneeskunde (NL)350402431
Tandheelkunde (NL)607092

*The number of places available for Psychology includes the total of the English and Dutch track.

After April 15th – based on the numbers of 2019-2020 – extra places will definitely be offered, as some students will not graduate or will choose another programme even if they are placed.

The Vrije Universiteit cannot say for certain if the numbers of 2019-2020 will correspond to 2020-2021, but they can help you to estimate what your chances are and decide if you need to start preparations for a plan B. 

You can find more information about the national rules and agreements on Study in Holland.

Applying for two degree programmes

You may apply for a maximum of two Bachelor's degree programmes that use a selection procedure in each academic year. These may be the same degree programmes at two institutions, two different degree programmes at the same institution or two different degree programmes at two different institutions. However, an exception is made for Dentistry and Medicine: parallel applications may only be made at one institution. This means that you can apply for Dentistry and Medicine (at one institution) but not, for example, for Medicine at two institutions. You may be offered a place for both degree programmes for which you have applied. When this is the case, you may only accept one place.

Number of times you may participate

- You may apply a total of three times (in the Netherlands) for the same degree programme that uses a selection procedure in different academic years.
- Degree programmes can opt to adopt a maximum for the number of times you may participate. VU Amsterdam has done so for Medicine (participation in the selection procedure for a maximum of two occasions) and Dentistry (participation in the selection procedure on one occasion). Participation in the selection procedure for Criminology and Psychology is for a maximum of three occasions.
- All the times you participated before 2020 are taken into account.
- You will lose one of your entitlements to participate when you have not taken part or completed the selection procedure and you have not cancelled your application through Studielink before 15 January.
- When you participate in the selection but do not pass your school-leaving examination you lose one of your entitlements to participate. However, you do not lose an entitlement when you submit a request for a correction to Student Administration through before 1 September. If you subsequently apply for the same degree programme for the next academic year, then you will participate in the selection procedure again. In such cases, you have not lost an entitlement.

Selection and Placement Implementing Regulation

The VU Amsterdam Executive Board has adopted the Selection and Placement Implementing Regulation that lays down VU Amsterdam's selection procedure.

VU Amsterdam wishes to make prospective students aware that participating in a selection procedure costs a considerable amount of time in the period in which pre-university education students are already busy in an often hectic period in preparing for and sitting their school-leaving examination. For this reason, we recommend that you give careful consideration to the degree programme, in part because participation in the selection procedure is limited to a maximum number of occasions.


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