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Questions about my diploma

We regularly receive questions from prospective students about their previous education diploma.

We have listed the questions and answers for you.

Am I admissible with my non-Dutch previous education?

Applicants who apply with a non-Dutch diploma must meet a number of requirements in order to be eligible for admission to our degree programmes. 

VU Amsterdam reviews all applications with a non-Dutch diploma individually due to their distinctive nature. Therefore, the only way to determine whether you are eligible for admission is by submitting an official application via Studielink and providing all required documentation in our student portal VUnet. 

Further information about the requirements and application procedure can be found on the admission requirement page for Bachelor's and Master's programmes. 

How can I verify my non-Dutch previous education diploma?

When you apply through Studielink with a non-Dutch previous education Studielink will inform you that your diploma cannot be verified automatically and requests you to send a certified copy of your diploma to VU Amsterdam. VU Amsterdam will verify your diploma. 

Unless stated differently in your admission letter, you can send your document by post to:

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam 
Student Administration 
De Boelelaan 1105 
1081 HV Amsterdam 
The Netherlands

What is a certified copy of a diploma?

A certified copy of the diploma bears a signed stamp to attest that the copy is identical to the original diploma. A competent authority applies a stamp, signature and date to authenticate the copy. Please note that only the original of the certified copy is accepted – we will not accept scans or copies because their authenticity cannot be verified. 

You must present the original diploma when you wish to have the copy certified. The copy can be certified by:

If your diploma is not issued in English, German, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese or Latin, please also submit an English translation by a sworn translator. 

What is the examination date of my previous education?

The examination date, also referred to as the ‘graduation date’, is the date stated on your diploma. This means that the examination date is not the same as the date on which you are awarded your diploma, as diplomas are often awarded after the examination date.  

My previous institution will award me my previous education diploma after 1 September, the deadline for the submission of a certified copy of my diploma to VU Amsterdam Student Desk for the completion of my application. What do I need to do?

If you have met all the requirements to graduate before 31 August but are still waiting for the diploma certificate to be issued (for example, in the case of GCE A-levels), alternatively you can ask your school to provide a statement of graduation. This statement needs to state that you have met all the requirements to graduate before the 1st of September. The confirmation of graduation letter must be the original letter (on the institution's stationery) as signed by the competent officer and stating the officer's name and position. The letter must state the date of issue, the degree/diploma obtained, the official graduation date (the examination date) and the date on which you will receive your diploma.The Student Administration reserves the right to reject such a statement if the document does not meet our criteria.

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