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Make data-driven decisions for transport & supply chain networks

Transport and Supply Chain Management

Tackle transport and supply chain challenges with data-driven methods

This one-year Master’s programme is taught in English. It aims to give you the skills you need to analyse and solve key transport and supply chain problems that modern businesses face. You will not only discuss the latest tools and techniques in the field, but you will also use these to solve real-life cases from different industries.

During the programme, you will learn how to use mathematical models to optimise processes and create sustainable value throughout the supply chain. You will uncover the keys to modelling and development, and to supporting your decisions with facts. You will become familiar with Excel, R and other data analysis tools commonly used in industry.

Unlike any other programme, this Master’s at VU Amsterdam combines Transport Economics and Supply Chain Management into a single degree, giving you a 360-degree view of your field of study. From the supply chain decisions of a single company to the policies and regulations that shape the entire industry, you will understand how it all works, and how to make it all work to your advantage. You will be in high demand for jobs, since you have a better understanding of how all the pieces fit together.

Beyond theory alone, you will develop your quantitative skills by solving practical exercises and analysing real-life cases.  The experienced faculty will supplement their teaching with frequent guest lecturers from major international companies, who will share current challenges and opportunities. Part of your coursework will be to explore these challenges and develop solutions for them.  Your Master’s thesis will explore a contemporary topic defined in collaboration with industry or government.

The start date of this programme is September 1st.

The Transport and Supply Chain Management Master's programme

In order to prepare you for your future career, you will learn how to take all aspects of supply chain management and transport economics into account. That is, you will not only learn how improve a company’s profits, but also how to create sustainable solutions that make a positive impact on people and planet.

Start preparing for your future now

The world of supply chain management is fast-paced and challenging. Your Master’s programme will prepare you for that. You will work in teams when developing solutions, and acquire both the technical and communication skills needed to become successful.

The programme takes an applied approach, so you will have plenty of opportunity to practice your skills in real-world company cases. You have the option to select an internship opportunity if you wish. The large number of company headquarters in the Amsterdam area creates ample opportunities to do so.

Change your future! Complete your Master’s in Transport and Supply Chain Management

Change your future! Complete your Master’s in Transport and Supply Chain Management

After completing this Master’s, you will have all the skills you need to take on exciting supply chain positions at leading brand manufacturers, distributors and retailers.  You will also be equipped for a career in transport or supply chain consultancy and strategy. Your well-rounded perspective on the field and your analytical skills will put you in high demand.

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