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Meet the global health challenge

Are you eager to unravel the complexities of global health challenges like COVID-19, maternal mortality and mental illness?

Do you want to learn how to analyse global health problems and develop solutions? Do you want to contribute to better and more equitable health for all? During the research master’s in Global Health, you will study cross-cutting aspects of health problems and healthcare systems with students from all over the world. You will explore latest developments regarding topics such as infectious and chronic diseases, child and elderly care, and the financial burden of healthcare costs. You will learn to apply inter- and transdisciplinary approaches and a wide range of qualitative and quantitative research methods. And you will gain experience in designing, implementing and ‘measuring’ interventions that address complex health challenges.

Discover your Global Health Research Master's programme

Discover your Global Health Research Master's programme

Within the research master’s in Global Health, special attention is given to developing your ability to critically assess research designs and research proposals. Building on systems thinking and interdisciplinary research, the programme offers an intensive study of multiple aspects of healthcare systems, including burden of disease, finance, regulatory mechanisms, power constellations, the network society and change management.

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Change your world, study Global Health

  • Dr. Teun Zuiderent-Jerak discusses his interesting and meaningful work with the transgender community in Argentina as well as the global health interventions course he teaches early in the Master’s programme.

    Develop and evaluate interventions!

    Measure effects and learn from the process
  • Dr. Tomris Cesuroglu teaches the International Comparative Analysis of Health Systems course;  "When you are a global health professional, or a researcher and you work in multiple countries then you need to know how the health system operates.  What you will learn in this course is a systematic approach to do so."

    Get to know the international health systems

    Understand different methods in analyzing and comparing health systems