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MBA Webinars Executive Education

This webinar series will be organized via Zoom and hosted by the directors of the MBA programmes. The audience will be actively engaged into the discussion, e.g., they can ask questions/raise points via chat and indicate their opinion on the topic before or after the discussion via online-voting (e.g., Mentimeter). 

We look forward to meeting you online!

MBA Talk Webinar series

  • MBA Talk 1-Finished

    Brave new working world: Holocracy and beyond

    Discussants: Ard-Pieter de Man (VU Amsterdam M&O), Joost Minnaar (Corporate Rebels)
    Tuesday 22 September 2020,  from 7.30 PM till 8.30 PM.

    Is holacracy just a new hype or do self-managing organizations work? And, if they work, (when) do they work better than traditional organizations? These and other questions around self-managing organizations are currently discussed in research and business practice, but it is still not clear whether self-managing organizations deliver what they promise. For this reason, we have invited Professor Ard-Pieter de Man (VU Amsterdam) and Joost Minnaar (Corporate Rebels) to share their insights about holacracy and to discuss the pros and cons of self-managing organizations.

    Join this webinar to:

    • discuss the pros and cons of self-managing organizations;
    • learn if and when self-managing organizations work better than traditional organizations.
  • MBA Talk 2

    Home, sweet home: Why remote work should (not?) stay past COVID-19.

    Discussants: Ella Hafermalz (VU Amsterdam)

    Thursday 29 October 2020, from 7.30 PM till 8.30 PM

  • MBA Talk 3

    Leading with purpose or purse? How to motivate employees.

    Discussants: Svetlana Khapova (VU Amsterdam), Edson Hato (VU Amsterdam; formerly ABN AMRO), discussant from academia/practice

    Thursday 12 November 2020, from 7.30 PM till 8.30 PM 

  • MBA Talk 4

    Back to the roots? How the Coronavirus pandemic will change globalization.

    Discussants: Wout Dullaert (VU Amsterdam), discussant from an international firm

    Thursday 26 November 2020, from 7.30 PM till 8.30 PM 

  • MBA Talk 5

    Lost in translation: Overcoming obstacles when leading culturally diverse teams.

    Discussants: Fons Trompenaars (VU Amsterdam), team leader in an international firm

    Thursday 10 December 2020, from 7.30 PM till 8.30 PM 

  • MBA Talk 6

    Creative destruction: How corporate entrepreneurship revitalizes firms in dynamic markets.

    Discussants: Victor Gilsing (VU Amsterdam), Marcus Schmalbach (RYSKEX GmbH)

    Thursday 17 January 2021, from 7.30 PM till 8.30 PM