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The VU-VBA Investment Management study programme is going to change

VBA Investment Management

Short programme (up to 1 year)
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The VU-VBA Investment Management study programme is going to change. The main reasons for these changes are the merger between the CFA Netherlands and VBA, and the desire to make the study programme more appealing to a wider group of students. 

Modular structure

The course becomes modular in character. This means that not only people who want to do the whole training can register. Enrollment for one single module will be possible. In the name of CFA Society VBA Netherlands a number of modules are offered by the Vrije Universiteit. The modules which lead to the RBA title will be determined by the CFA Society VBA Netherlands. The VU remains involved, as a provider of a substantial number of state of the art modules.

Broadening and deepening investment knowledge and skills

The focus will be on broadening and deepening investment knowledge and skills. It will emphasize topics that are important in the Dutch/European context. For achieving basic knowledge in the field of investments the CFA program is meant (which can also be followed at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam).

Academic level

Finishing the program no longer leads to the MSc – title. The entrance requirements will no longer be exclusively at Master’s level. The modules will continue to be at an academic level and are focused on people who already have a basic knowledge of investing. This is likely to mean that the technical level is a bit lower, but that the content level will be high (more executive character). For each module the necessary basic knowledge will be established. Through (for example) online videos and predetermined literature, the basic knowledge can be refreshed.


The following modules will most likely be part of the programm: Getting to understand clients and behaviours (with attention to how to profile a customer's risk); Dutch regulatory dynamics and practical implications; Advanced asset allocation & balance sheet management (with attention to factor-asset allocation); Investment technology & innovation (AI, Robotics, Big Data, Python and others), Insights in portfolio construction & implementation challenges (please note that this list is non-exhaustive).

Start first module Investment Management

At the end of August 2020 we plan to start with the first module: 'Getting to understand clients and behaviours'. This includes the following topics: Basics and typology of client groups; Defining and measuring client risks; Alternative approaches to risk profiling; Investment beliefs and recent trends in the Dutch market. The second module has also been decided: 'Dutch regulatory dynamics and practical implications” in which Regulations, Market Abuse and Ethics will be discussed.

Information evening

There will be an Information evening on 13 May where  CFA Society VBA Netherlands and Vrije Universiteit will tell you more about the modules and the entire VBA Investment Managament program. Furthermore, we expect to be able to provide more information on, for example, admission requirements, costs and registration procedures.

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