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State-of-the-art solutions to today’s and tomorrow’s challenges

Traditional management approaches have become obsolete in today’s dynamic and complex world. To remain competitive, businesses and organizations have to creatively reinvent their strategies, structures, and practices. They have to come up with answers to unknown questions. 

The SBE Management Division proudly offers four new Executive Programs, each program preparing participants to be ready for the future. 

Who Should Attend 

  • Professionals with an ambition to advance their understanding of strategizing in today’s world. Participants generally have a background (but not necessarily) in management, and are between 25-40 years. This may include for example:
  • Professionals with a functional background, such as engineering, accounting, finance, human resource management, transitioning into general and strategic management positions
  • Managers from larger (global) organizations, from any industry and any country
  • Founders and owners of SMEs who are experiencing (exponential) growth
  • Middle-level managers who will soon assume top-management positions
  • Professionals working in public organizations, who seek an understanding about business practices. 

Practical info


For more information please contact dr. Brian Tjemkes or the general e-mailadress.

dr. Brian Tjemkes: 

dr. Brian Tjemkes: 020-5986151