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State-of-the-art solutions to today’s and tomorrow’s challenges

Dealing with contemporary questions –  How to scale your business model beyond national borders? How to forge, leverage and operate in disruptive ecosystems? How to utilize alliances and partnerships to create and sustain a competitive advantage? How to enact a digital strategy? How to become a responsible leader? – demand a deep understanding of transformative management.

Traditional (linear) strategic thinking and execution is inadequate to operate successfully in today’s global competitive business environment. For companies to sustain their competitive edge in an increasingly uncertain and complex world, managers need to be able to swiftly develop creative strategies and transform their organizational practices to effectively deal with emerging tensions.

The program ‘Transformative Management’ enables (future) strategists to effectively diagnose and solve complex problems using a mix of both classical and cutting-edge managerial frameworks. In this multidisciplinary management program, participants are challenged to develop both state-of-the-art and practical solutions to today’s and tomorrow’s business challenges. 

Learning Objectives

The programme Transformative Management  will enable: 

  • Participants to obtain a theoretical understanding of how to leverage globalization, disruption, collaboration, and responsible management for improved business performance.
  • Participants to apply theories to their own business problems to identify their challenges and design solutions.
  • Participants to improve critical, creative, and independent thinking and continuously engage in a reflective process of learning and unlearning.

Program Benefits

  • You gain the necessary skills to design and build winning action plans that align with your company’s ambitions and sustain competitive advantage in an increasingly disruptive and competitive world.
  • You learn to question and reconsider your view on strategic management and enhance your skill-set with creative and independent thinking.
  • You explore how your organization’s shortcomings and competencies translate into strategic challenges and opportunities.
  • You acquaint yourself and use contemporary analytical framework and tools to identify and evaluate business’s strategy efficacy and execute change-management initiatives.
  • You become part of a community of peers.


Participants receive: 

  • Module completion certificate, after completion of each module
  • Program Certificate “Transformative Management”, after the completion of at least six modules 


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