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Learn how power works

Do you enjoy heated debates on topics that really matter? Can you examine your own views critically and are you open to different perspectives? 

Then the Global Politics programme is just the thing for you. 

Check whether you meet the admission requirements and apply

  • Admission requirements: non-Dutch previous education

    Applicants holding a non-Dutch pre-university diploma apply via the International Office. We check if your previous education meets a number of requirements. If you do not yet meet the requirements but expect to do so in the future (such as obtaining your diploma), you can already apply. We will evaluate your application and inform you of our admission decision.

    Requirements that apply:

    1. A diploma equivalent to the Dutch pre-university VWO-diploma

    See the Diploma Requirement List for examples of accepted diplomas per country.
    Please note: this list is meant to give you an indication of admissibility; no rights can be derived from it. Applicants who do not meet this criterion may be asked to sit (an) entry exam(s) to prove they are eligible for admission.

    2. Proof of sufficient proficiency in English

    Although complete applications are preferred, you can begin your application before you have completed the test and then submit your passing score once you have been conditionally admitted. You can find all accepted tests and scores on our Language Requirements webpage.

    3. Proof of sufficient proficiency in Mathematics
    After you apply to the programme and upload the required documents in our student portal, your International Student Advisor will determine whether your diploma is equivalent to the Dutch VWO-diploma and whether your mathematics level is sufficient.

    These examples of diplomas demonstrate sufficient proficiency in the subject Mathematics:

    • International Baccalaureate: All IB Mathematics subjects.
    • British GCE A-Levels: A-levels or AS-level in Mathematics with a grade A, B or C.
    • Germany: Zeugnis der allgemeinen Hochschulreife.
    • European Baccalaureate: Mathematics; written or oral examination, at least 3 hours during the Orientation Cycle.

    If your diploma is not considered to be at the right level and/or if your proficiency in mathematics is considered to be insufficient, your International Student Advisor will inform you if it is possible to meet the requirements with an additional certificate. 
    When advised to sit an entrance exam, the following certificates are deemed equivalent to the required Dutch VWO Mathematics C level:

    Mathematics Exams

    • Boswell-Bèta (English). Boswell-Bèta in Utrecht (the Netherlands) provides a VWO Mathematics C exam in May, July and August.
    • Online Mathematics Placement Test. The Online Mathematics Placement Test-E (OMPT-E ) offered by SOWISO is an online mathematics test that you can take from home by means of online proctoring.

    A positive result for the mathematics examination (5,5/10 in the mathematics C exam or 60% in the OMPT-E online exam) is compulsory for admission to the programme.

    Application documents:

    • Transcript of records; a transcript in English of the grades obtained over the final two years of your high school and any further education up to the moment of your application. IB and A-level applicants are asked to upload their predicted grades.
    • A scan of your diploma (if you have already graduated).
    • Curriculum Vitae; the curriculum vitae should include your personal details and list your previous education and relevant work experience (± 1-2 pages).
    • English language test results (if already obtained).
    • Copy of valid passport or ID (ID for EEA students only).

    Application deadline:

    The final application deadline for non-EU/EEA students is 1 May (extended from 1 April) and for Dutch and EU students the final deadline is 1 June (extended from 1 May). Do you have a non-Dutch nationality? Then you may be eligible for housing  via the International Office Accommodation Services. An early application is then recommended.

    Ready to apply?
    Great! Click here to start your application.

    By selecting Political Science in Studielink you can start you application – in VUnet, the next application step, you can confirm your choice for the English-taught track Global Politics. If you have your Studielink set to Dutch you can find the programme under Politicologie. Note that for diplomas obtained outside of the Netherlands an application fee of €100 applies.

  • Admission requirements: Dutch previous education

    VWO diploma
    Applicants who obtained a VWO diploma (all profiles) from a Dutch secondary educational institution are eligible for admission to the Bachelor programme Communication Science at VU Amsterdam.

    Higher professional education (HBO) propaedeutic year 

    • English at 6 VWO level

    Normaal gesproken moet je jouw hbo propedeuse hebben afgerond om te mogen starten met een wo-bachelor. De coronacrisis zorgt er bij sommige studenten voor dat zij hun studie deels hebben moeten staken en hierdoor ongewenst studievertraging oplopen. Universiteiten krijgen daarom voor het collegejaar 2020-2021 van de minister de ruimte om af te wijken van de eis dat een hbo propedeuse moet zijn afgerond. Hbo-propedeusestudenten die in 2020-2021 willen starten met een bacheloropleiding aan de Faculteit der Sociale Wetenschappen van de VU worden toegelaten onder de volgende voorwaarden:

    1. Een positief afrondingsadvies van je hbo-instelling, uiterlijk 1 augustus aan te leveren bij de VU;
    2. Je mist nog maximaal één vak of, indien meer vakken, een maximum van 6 EC;
    3. Je behaalt vóór 1 januari 2021 zijn/haar hbo-propedeuse. Indien dit niet lukt, wordt de bachelorinschrijving aan de VU beëindigd.

    Het is van groot belang dat je er alles aan doet om je hbo-propedeuse wel af te ronden. Het is heel moeilijk om volgend studiejaar tegelijkertijd je hbo-propedeuse af te ronden én met een nieuwe studie te starten. Je moet aan het einde van je eerste jaar van je nieuwe wo-bacheloropleiding gewoon de BSA-norm halen om door te mogen gaan met je studie! 

    Higher professional education (HBO) completed programme 

    • English at 6 VWO level

    Aged 21 or over?  
    Dutch applicants who do not meet any of the above educational requirements and who are aged 21 or over, may be admitted by way of colloquium doctum. This requires obtaining the following modular certificates at 6 VWO level:

    • English
    • Mathematics A or B or C
  • VU Matching

    As a prospective Political Science student you will take part in the VU Matching Programme. VU Matching is part of the application procedure for all bachelor degree programmes. It consists of two parts: you must fill out a digital questionnaire and you participate in the matching activity of the study programme. The matching activity aims to give you a realistic idea of the content of the study, so that you can determine if the study matches your expectations and whether you have chosen the right programme.

    More specific information about VU Matching for the academic year 2020-2021 will be published soon.

    For general information about matching, please check out the website VU Matching (in Dutch) or VU Matching (in English). If you have questions about the matching activity, please contact the Matching coordinator for the Faculty of Social Sciences at

  • Binding Study Advice (BSA)

    The BSA is an advice given to all Bachelor’s students on four occasions during their first year of studies concerning their study progress. The fourth recommendation, issued at the end of the first year, is binding in nature. To continue to the second year you must have obtained a certain number of credits.

    To receive a positive BSA for this study programme you must have obtained a minimum of 42 EC (credits) at the end of the first year of enrolment. Every student has access to an overview of the obtained study results and assessments are available for inspection after registration of the test result.

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