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Use big data to tackle the big issues

Econometrics and Data Science

Econometrics and Operations Research

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In today’s society, massive amounts of data are collected. But how is all that data used? How does KLM price its flight tickets based on supply and demand? How does know why customers book certain hotels and not others? How does Spotify use algorithms to predict what its users want to listen to next? And what are the ethics behind collecting and storing all this data? 

If you’re curious to find out, we’re curious to meet you.

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As an econometrician you’ll come away with excellent mathematical skills, data-analysis skills, problem-solving skills and presentation skills. After all, you’ll also need to be able to communicate your proposed solutions to others who may not be econometricians. It’s a challenging programme that offers big rewards – join us!

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  • As a study association, we organize various activities throughout the year. These are social activities such as karting, a Friday afternoon drink and a gala. We also organize events where you can get in touch with a future employer. Normally, it is possible to join a first-year student of Kraket for a day to experience what it is like to study Econometrics. Because this is no longer possible due to the corona crisis, we would like to help you in a different way. By sending an email to you can make an appointment to call a first-year student. You can ask them all your questions about the study, student life, Kraket and everything else you want to know! We know hard it is to choose the right study so we can make it a little easier with this! For more information about Kraket, also visit

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    The study ‘Econometrics’ also includes a very nice study association, namely Kraket. Kraket stands for "Critical Actuaries and Econometricians".