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Communication Science

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Do social media influence how you vote? Does your Instagram account show the real you? Is Twitter as reliable as a newspaper? 

During the Bachelor’s in Communication Science, you learn about the world behind our many different forms of communication.

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During the Bachelor of Communication Science programme at VU Amsterdam, you will study communication on topics such as vaccination, privacy, climate change, and the influence of social media on a person’s self-image. Together with your fellow students, you will work on national and international issues related to communication, and contribute actively to good communication by organisations and companies.

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  • Do I have the virus? Hold your breath for ten seconds without coughing to ease your mind. Which medicine works? This epidemic can be defused by drinking bleach – or better yet, have a glass of fresh cow's urine. Fake news is thriving these days, but why is that? Ivar Vermeulen, Senior University Lecturer in Communication Science and fake news researcher at VU explains!

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    Why is fake news thriving during the Coronavirus epidemic?

  • Manouk (21) completed the Dutch track of Communication Science in 2019. She started the bachelor with broad expectations that would meet her interests. During the study program, she developed a passion for corporate communication. That is why she currently follows our Master ‘Corporate Communication and New Media’. In February she will pause her Master temporarily to do an internship at Stage Entertainment, the entertainment company started by Joop van den Ende.

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    Student in the picture: Manouk

  • News algorithms play an increasingly important role in sorting out and arranging the news. Besides the presence of news algorithms on sites like Facebook and Google News, traditional news media are working hard as well to personalize the news in this way. If you are offered news that is interesting and relevant to you, then you are more likely to remember it. However, it becomes dangerous when you only read news that fits your world view: without a balanced news diet, people have less knowledge and understanding of what is happening in society.

    Researcher Wouter van Atteveldt of the department of Communication Science, together with colleagues Antske Fokkens (VU Computational Linguistics) and Natali Helberger (UvA Law), received a NWO research grant to investigate how news algorithms can be improved so that they encourage people to read diverse news.

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    How do news algorithms decide how we see the world?