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Artificial Intelligence

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Can we build robots that help prevent loneliness among elderly people? How can banks stop transaction fraud? How can we improve self-driving cars? How does Netflix know which movies to suggest we watch next? 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has so many potential applications – in healthcare, banking, transport, entertainment and more. In this programme, you’ll learn not only about the technology behind AI, but also about its application in society.

Discover your Artificial Intelligence study programme

Discover your Artificial Intelligence study programme

Artificial Intelligence is about the way that robots and computers interact with humans. And because of that, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam’s programme looks at real-world issues in society and applies technology to solve not just specific individual problems but whole classes of problems. 

If you’re interested in using technology to help people and change your world through the latest machine intelligence, join us.

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Change your world, study Artificial Intelligence

  • How a computer scientist prevents suicide with the help of AI

    VU computer Scientist Zhisheng Huang uses his suicide scanner to monitor the Chinese Internet. He has prevented at least 1,812 suicides since July 2018.
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