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Researchers Clue+

On this page you will find the information of our researchers.

Read more about the CLUE+ research community, five research themes and coordinators, CLUE+ fellowship programme and affiliated researchers.

CLUE+ Researchers

  • CLUE+ research community

    CLUE+ has a research community of more than 300 researchers and PhD’s. Click here to find more information regarding our researchers via the VU Research Portal.

  • Research coordinators

    CLUE+ has 5 main research themes, each of which is supervised by a research coordinator.

    Landscape and Heritage

    Prof. Dr. Gert-Jan Burgers; director of CLUE+

    On the 1st of September 2015, Gert-Jan Burgers (Professor in History and Heritage of the Cultural Landscape and the Urban Environment) has been appointed Director of CLUE+ at the Faculty of Humanities of VU Amsterdam, after having served at the Royal Netherlands Institute in Rome, first as Head of the Ancient Studies section (from 2006) and Director (from 2012). 

    The greater part of his academic career to date has been concerned with proto-historic and Roman Italy, landscape archaeology and heritage studies. Since 2004 he has focused also on the development and implementation of critical heritage research, in the south-Italian region of Apulia and in Rome, where he co-directs the project Challenging Testaccio. Urban History of a Roman Rione. 

    Global History, Heritage and Memory 

    On 1 September 2020, Erika Kuijpers was appointed the new coordinator of the CLUE+ research programme Global History, Heritage and Memory. 

    Paradigms of Creativity 

    Dr. Kristine Steenbergh 

    As of 1 January 2020, dr. Kristine Steenbergh is the new coordinator of the CLUE+ programme Paradigms of Creativity. This programme explores the question how cultural production and exchange have developed in the last centuries in a context of “creativity.” 

    Kristine takes over from prof. dr. Katja Kwastek, who designed the programme and led it since 2015. The programme (co-)organized international events such as the vibrant Judith Butler conference (2017), the 2nd International Comics Conference (2018) and the “As Slowly as Possible" conference with the Association for the Study of the Arts of the Present (2018). 

    Dr. Kristine Steenbergh is senior lecturer English Literature at the Faculty of Humanities. She specializes in the history of emotions and the Environmental Humanities.  

    Knowledge Formation and its History 

    Prof. Dr. Rene van Woudenberg 

    On 1 February 2017, Rene van Woudenberg was appointed the new coordinator of the CLUE+ research programme Knowledge Information and its History. 

    Text, Culture, Religion and Heritage 

    Prof. Dr. August den Hollander 

    In 2019, August den Hollander was appointed the coordinator of the new CLUE+ research programme Text, Culture, Religion and Heritage. 

    Den Hollander's research focusses on Religious Heritage, Book History, Cultural History, Walloon Heritage, Bible in the Low Countries. 

  • CLUE+ fellowship programme

    CLUE+ seeks to promote its innovative research by attracting visiting researchers from around the world. One of the ways we do this is with the newly established CLUE+ Fellowship Programme, which is open for two categories of research fellows, Seniors and Juniors. Recent CLUE+ fellows are: 

    Dr. Darren Gardner

    Prof. Dr. Dawn Skorczewski

  • Affiliated researchers

    CLUE+ also has affiliated researchers. These are researchers who are not on the payroll of VU University Amsterdam. The affiliated researchers include PhD candidates without any funding or who do research based on their own funding, researchers who are employed by another university or research centre, and emeriti professors.

    Affiliated researchers listed: 

    Dr. Peter Joosse